Coco Fiber Nest Liner

Woven  into a nest shape
This  liner fits  most
of the canary  nests.

Nesting Material
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Extra long coco fiber

Coco fiber is perfect for grassfinch
species. Provides the pliable fiber
birds need to build freestanding nests.
Sisal nesting material

No more shredding
Natural  sisal
Very popular  with finches.
Jute Nesting Material

No more shredding burlap
to get your nesting material.
This is ready to use and  very soft.

Small package $1.29
Medium 250 grams $8.99
Large 500 grams $15.99
Small Package $1.29
Med. 100 grams $3.99
Large 500 grams $15.99
Loose coco fiber

Coco fiber is perfect for grassfinch
species. Provides the pliable fiber 
birds need to build freestanding nests.
Long coco fiber:
Small Package $1.29
1 bundle $6.99
1 set/3bundles $15.99
Cotton felt nest pads package

Buy in  set of  6
Save  More, buy 5 sets ( 30 pcs)
Now in white or  brown
Soft Nesting Pads 1/4 "thick

Buy  single or in packages of 10
5 1/2 inches ( Fits most canary nests)
Dark Nest Pad:
1 soft nest pad $0.99
1 set/10 nest pads $9.00
Cotton liner:
Set/6 pcs White Felt $2.75
Set/6 pcs light Brown Felt $2.75
Set/6 pcs Dark Brown Felt $2.75
Set/30 pcs White Felt $12.
Set/30 pcs Light Brown Felt $12.
Set/30 pcs Dark Brown Felt $12.
Jute Nest Pads 5 1/2"

1/8 Inch thick x 5 1/2 Inches
Buy single or Set/10 
( fits most canary nests)
jute pad :
1 jute nest pad $0.99
Set/10 jute nest pads $9.00
Coco Liner :
1 Coco Fiber $0.99 ea.
Set/10 Coco Fiber $8.95

Nesting wheels

Snaps into cage bars.
Fill with nesting  material
(not included)
wheel :
Plastic nesting wheel $1.99
Set/6 Wheels ($1.65 ea.) $9.95
Nesting wheel with fibers (Refillable)

Snaps into cage bars. Available with
nesting material of your choice.
Wheel w/ Cocofiber $2.99
Wheel w/ Jute $2.99
Wheel w/ Sisal $2.99
Wheel w/ Cotton $2.99
Nesting material  holders plastic

Hangs on  outside of cage   for easy filling
Nesting material  holders

Metal Hangs on  outside
of cage   for easy filling
Salad Holder Metal $2.99
Set/10 Salad Holder Metal $25.90
Salad Holder Plastic $$1.99
Set/10 Salad Holder Plastic $$15.90
Loose Coco Fiber small $1.29
Loose Coco 100 grams$3.99
Loose Coco 250 grams $10.99
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