All our  avian supplies are 50% off our regular  Price
I have not had enough time to  write  new  codes for the sale prices  and the regular  price will appear
on your  order. I will  manually  change  your order  to the right total  price and then send you  a payment
request with the  50% off price and  the shipping   charges.  We  bill over  the secure PayPal  server,
you do not need to be a member of  PayPal and you can  use  the credit Card of your choice.

For any  questions you might  have  I would prefer to communicate over  email, since we are hard  to reach by phone.

Our quantities are limited.  Sale will end as we have  all our items sold.

We will consider reasonable offers on some items that we  have larger  quantities  in stock and you are interested in buying our remaining stock.
Just email us  at  with  an item you might be interest and we will count  to see how many  we have left.
Please do not hesitate  to ask.
Thank you for your interest in our  Sale  Elke
Canary Nests
Cuttle Bone and Millet Holders
Bird Feeders
Finch Nests
Nesting Material
Bird Waterers
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