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1" pre drilled with
small  hole raw wood
Pre drilled wooden Beads
We can ship wooden beads in  a post office "flat  rate box"
anywhere in USA for $11.75
500 pcs 1"  =         1 flat rate box

1" sm. hole:
Set/10 sm. hole $2.50
Set/50 sm. hole $9.95
Set/100 sm. hole $14.95
1" pre drilled with
large  hole raw wood
1" lg hole:
Set/10 lg. hole $2.50
Set/50 lg. hole $9.95
Set/100 lg. hole $14.95
Drill your own and save a ton of money.
100 solid wooden 1" balls
Only $9.95

While supplies last
1" solid:
100 Solid wooden Balls $9.95

Solid wooden ball